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The H&G Experience

The Henry & George store is the only place you are able to purchase prints of original images captured by internationally acclaimed photographer Rachael McKenna (nee Hale). Rachael has been photographing professionally since 1995 and has become world renown for her Animals and Baby imagery. Along with Rachael’s popular and often humorous Animal Portraits, are a collection of images Rachael has captured throughout the journeys she has travelled while creating her collection of Book Publications. Images captured in France, New York, New Zealand and other stunning locations.

Rachael has now added an selection of stylish and emotive Apparels and Homewares to the collection of products available via the Henry & George online store. These products are created using Organic and Recycled materials and produced using environmentally friendly inks, your items are also shipped to you in plastic free eco-friendly packaging.

We love this planet and the people in it, so we take extra care to help make our world last.

The prints you receive from Henry & George are authentic, emotive, timeless and of superior quality. Some of the images available for purchase are from Rachael’s earlier collections which were photographed using a Large Format 4x5 inch Film Camera, and occasionally a 8x10 inch Polaroid Camera. Rachael used a very shallow depth of field when photographing with film cameras, this gives these images a softer more painterly quality when printed, the prints still look stunning in all sizes and make magnificent Art pieces, they just don’t appear quite as crisp as an image created on a digital camera. Rachael now photographs on a High Resolution Medium Format Hasselblad Camera system; all images on our site state which camera system Rachael used to create the image you are interested in. All prints and canvases are printed on the highest quality premium papers and materials.

The images Rachael has available to purchase as Prints and within the Apparel and Homeware ranges, are selected from her Private Collection of images that have been photographed by Rachael for her numerous book projects and her own personal archives. The animals that feature are mostly privately owned, a few are from Zoo’s and Wildlife sanctuaries. Rachael either captures the images at home in the animals own environment, in her studio or in their natural environment outside. It is not uncommon to find Rachael in the middle of a paddock, with a Background set up enticing a ginormous Pig in front of the camera with a bag of bread or a handful of Liquorice Allsorts; Rachael always chooses the most relaxing, safe and comfortable environment to photograph her subjects.

Rachael’s images grace the walls of numerous homes around the world; along with producing 19 books that have sold in over 13 Countries, she has had the pleasure of photographing hundreds of Private Commissions including Sharon Osbourne’s collection of adorable pups, Martha Stewart’s adorable Chow Chow, William Wegman and his stunning Weimaraners and many many more.

If you would prefer a character Portrait of your own Pet or Family, Rachael is also available for Private Commissions, for more information please email


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