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What is your return policy?

It is really important to us for you to LOVE your print; we have gone to great detail in our product descriptions and visual examples so our customers will know exactly what to expect when receiving one of our products, and will be happy when it arrives. Our Fine Art Prints and Canvases and any Custom Framing are all made-to-order, therefore we do not accept returns. No refunds are given if you change your mind!


What happens if my print/frame is damaged?

If a Print or Frame is damaged during the delivery process, please take photographs of the damaged packaging and any damage to the product and email us at info@rachaelmckenna.com with details of the damage. If you notice the packaging is damaged on arrival, take photographs BEFORE you open the package, hopefully the product is well protected and any internal damage will not have occurred. If your product IS damaged we will arrange for the product to be collected and returned to our supplier and the damage assessed. Once the product damage has been checked, a new product will be manufactured and shipped out to you. Of course we do our utmost to package our product with the most solid and protective packaging we can, so that damage is a very limited occurrence.


What happens if I, or my framer damage the print?

We will help you out, nothing ever gets damaged on purpose, we understand this! All we ask is that you are honest with us and we will work with you to sort out a resolution. We won’t be able to replace the print free of charge, but we will do our best to replace the print at the lowest cost possible to you and/or your framer.

FINE ART PRINTS ARE VERY DELICATE! Rachael can not express strongly enough that you take your print directly to your framer and let them unpackage it! If you do wish to open your print yourself, please use gloves to handle your print and do so with extreme care. We cannot replace prints free of charge due to mishandling. Oils from your fingertips will mark your prints and it is very easy to kink your print when trying to re roll it and place it back in the tube it was sent in. Rachael’s images of Black animals on Black backgrounds are even more delicate, these prints will mark even more easily…..Rachael actually recommends purchasing these images framed whenever possible.


Are all the images created by Rachael McKenna?

Every image available on the Rachael Mckenna Print Store has been captured by Rachael McKenna (nee Hale) The images are either from her personal collection, or from the collection of images created for the numerous books she has published over the years.


Are Rachael McKenna and Rachael Hale the same person?

Yes! Rachael Hale and Rachael McKenna ARE indeed the same person! In 2007 Rachael made a difficult decision to discontinue creating images for the RACHAEL HALE brand, she was keen to pursue her passion for creating images of animals in their natural environments. In 2009 after marrying her husband Andrew Mckenna, Rachael decided to publish her next books using her married name Rachael McKenna and following on, use her married name for her ongoing photographic commissions. A couple of years ago, the RACHAEL HALE brand was purchased by an American company and Rachael has started now started creating images once again for the RACHAEL HALE brand.


Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes! We do offer Gift Certificates, you can find the form to purchase a Gift Certificate here.

Do you have the option to include a Gift Message in with my order?

Our checkout is set up to accept a Gift Message with your order. Just enter your message in the ‘Gift Message’ field when you are at the checkout stage of your order.


Do you offer Framing?

Yes we offer Framing on all product we have for sale.  All Framing details are listed under the Framing section in the ‘Product Info’ section on the website Menu. Some framing options are not available in certain countries so there are varying product options available for different countries, so please make sure you select your correct region when viewing framing options and placing your order.


How do I purchase a Print as a Gift for someone who lives in a different Country?

If you are purchasing a product as a gift, please place your order in the region where your gift will be being delivered even if you do not live in that country, for example: if you live in Australia and wish to gift a Rachael McKenna Print to a loved one in America, please order your print through the American region of the website. Make sure you add a ‘Gift Message’ to your order when at the Checkout stage, this will allow us to make sure your gift is received with the knowledge of whom it is from.


What Printing method do you use?

Fine Art Prints are printed on the highest quality silver based C-Type real Photographic Papers. They feature a smooth surface texture with unparalleled depth, subtlety of tonal variation and shadow detail. The paper is light sensitive and has a very long life.

Canvases are printed on a smooth Hahnemuhle Art Canvas, matte-coated with an even weave/texture. The pleasantly smooth material is pliable and ideally suited for stretcher frame systems.
Canvases are coated with a UV protective layer to make sure they last.

Our photographic prints and canvases have been vetted by Rachael and are quality checked by her team before being sent out to the customer. All Fine Art Prints and Canvases are produced using High Resolution files and are printed on the finest quality of stock.


Are your sizes in inches or Centimetres?

My sizes are listed on the website in inches, but if you wish to know the equivalent in centimetres please see the following….

10x12 inches  =  25x30 cm

11x14 inches  =  28x35 cm

12x16 inches  =  30x40 cm

16x20 inches  =  40x50 cm

24x30 inches  =  61x76 cm

30x40 inches  =  76x101 cm


Do the Colours/Tones of the Actual Print match the images we see online?

Rachael has supplied all her distributors with quality checked printed samples of all the images available for purchase on the Rachael McKenna Print Store. Each supplier guarantees that the product they send out matches the product they have on file. However, as everyone’s computer monitors have different settings, we cannot guarantee the colours and tones you see on your screen are 100% accurate. Rest assured that the finished product you receive is the correct colour tones that Rachael purposely captured when creating her images, and we believe the finished product always looks far better in person and up on your wall than on your computer screen.

Why are the Print and Canvas sizes available in America different from the rest of the world?

The distributor who I use in America has slightly different sizes on offer with their products, so instead of having the option of a 10x12 inch and a 12x16 inch print, I have one size available to fit this size request, a 11x14 inch which sits between my usual smaller size options. Our American and Canadian customers still have a great range of sizes available, 11x14, 16x20,24x30 and 30x40 inches. Larger sizes can be requested via email to info@rachaelmckenna.com


Do you ship Worldwide?

We ship to most countries. The Rachael McKenna Print Store has distributors in New Zealand, Australia, America and UK/Europe; the product is printed and shipped from within each region, so when placing your order make sure you select the correct Country Region for your shipping address.

How long will it take to receive my order?

It is best to allocate at least 2-3 weeks for your product to arrive!

Here at the Rachael McKenna Print Store we strive to get your product to you as quickly and efficiently as physically possible. All of our Prints and Canvases are of the highest quality so it is important to allocate at least 1 week for your product to be printed and then another 1-2 weeks for your print or canvas to be framed if this is an option you choose, larger sizes take the longest.

Shipping times can vary depending on the address the product is being delivered too. Most products, once printed, will take 5-7 days to reach their destination, it is wise to allocate an additional 2 or 3 days if you have ordered a product to be delivered to a rural address.

Due to COVID-19 processing and shipping times may be longer than usual, we appreciate your patience and understanding.


How will I know when my order has shipped?

An email confirmation will be sent when your product is shipped to the email address you used when placing your order, this will be the same email address where you received an order confirmation after placing your order. If you did not receive an email confirmation of your order, please check your junk mail folder or inquire with your email server to make sure the email wasn’t blocked. If you set up an account, you can also check your order history through our site under ‘order history’ in ‘accounts’.


Do you offer Trade Discounts?

If you have a Trade request please email andrew@rachaelmckenna.com and we will definitely consider your request and come back to you with an offer that fits within our Trade options.


Can I get a High Resolution Digital file so I can print the image myself?

Under no circumstances does Rachael offer to release Digital Files of any of the images available for purchase on The Rachael McKenna Print Store.


Do you License Rachael’s images?

Yes, images are available for License on request. Rachael directly licenses some of the images from her Print Store; the licensing rights to a number of the other images are held with a company in the United States. Please email Rachael directly at rachael@rachaelmckenna.com if you have a query regarding licensing an image from her collection, she will be happy to help you out directly or she will put you in touch with the company in the States that holds the licensing rights to a number of her images.


Can I copy or use the images from this website on my own Website, Blog, Business Card etc?

We are really sorry but NO! All rights to these images are reserved by The Rachael Hale Trust and are protected by international Copyright Laws. Images that are displayed on this site are for informational purposes only and cannot not be used in any way without prior written consent from Rachael Mckenna.


Can I make a copy of the print I purchase?

When you purchase a print or canvas, you are purchasing an original art work created by Rachael McKenna. Even though it is an original, you are only purchasing a physical copy of the image, you are not purchasing the copyright or the right to reproduce the image in any form. You may not use or copy any of the images for any reason without prior written permission, even if the use is non-commercial, not for profit, educational or for your own personal use.

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