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Henry was my first dog and George, owned by my good friend, was Henry’s best friend. Two adorable mischievous bear like Newfoundland Dogs, one brown (Henry) and one Black (George)! Double Trouble!

Henry was also my Muse; when I first started out with my professional career over two decades ago, a lot of my image ideas were inspired by Henry’s cheeky and quirky personality. Henry first came into my life when I was looking for a Newfoundland Puppy to use in a photograph (the image of Henry sitting on top of a coil of rope) the breeder was happy for me to use the ‘last pup left’ from the litter for the shoot, but I would have to have the puppy for the weekend as the breeder was going to a show out of town! To cut a long story short….Henry never went back!

Over the next 7 and a half years that Henry shared my life, I produced numerous images portraying his many characters “every time Henry posed for me he would show me yet another aspect of his personality, his expressions were endless. Henry was a huge part of my growth and success as a Photographer, he was always by my side in the first years of my career, a constant source of inspiration.

To this day, long after Henry passed away, I still hold tight the memories and insight into my stunning imagery that Henry played a role; for years I have wanted to create a way for my readers and followers to be able to enjoy photography and images in their own homes, seeing the images as art, or as gifts.

Now through ‘Henry and George’ as well as beautiful photography portraits you can also buy high-quality prints of your favourite images from my collection. 

For the first time, I have opened my catalogue of quirky, affectionate, adorable and beautiful images for all to enjoy.

Please feel free to browse my collection in our Henry & George Store, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or bespoke requests. We hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed photographing them over the years.

Rachael x

Henry and George