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Refund policy

What is your return policy?

It is really important to us for you to LOVE your print; we have gone to great detail in our product descriptions and visual examples so our customers will know exactly what to expect when receiving one of our products, and will be happy when it arrives. Our Fine Art Prints and Canvases and any Custom Framing are all made-to-order, therefore we do not accept returns. No refunds are given if you change your mind!

What happens if my print/frame is damaged?

If a Print or Frame is damaged during the delivery process, please take photographs of the damaged packaging and any damage to the product and email us at with details of the damage. If you notice the packaging is damaged on arrival, take photographs BEFORE you open the package, hopefully the product is well protected and any internal damage will not have occurred. If your product IS damaged we will arrange for the product to be collected and returned to our supplier and the damage assessed. Once the product damage has been checked, a new product will be manufactured and shipped out to you. Of course we do our utmost to package our product with the most solid and protective packaging we can, so that damage is a very limited occurrence.




What happens if I, or my framer damage the print?

We will help you out, nothing ever gets damaged on purpose, we understand this! All we ask is that you are honest with us and we will work with you to sort out a resolution. We won’t be able to replace the print free of charge, but we will do our best to replace the print at the lowest cost possible to you and/or your framer.

FINE ART PRINTS ARE VERY DELICATE! Rachael cannot express strongly enough that you take your print directly to your framer and let them unpackage it! If you do wish to open your print yourself, please use gloves to handle your print and do so with extreme care. We cannot replace prints free of charge due to mishandling. Oils from your fingertips will mark your prints and it is very easy to kink your print when trying to re roll it and place it back in the tube it was sent in. Rachael’s images of Black animals on Black backgrounds are even more delicate, these prints will mark even more easily…..Rachael actually recommends purchasing these images framed and ready to hang whenever possible to limit the amount of handling.

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