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JIGSAWS - Additional Info

The components used in the manufacturing of our Jigsaws (puzzle boards, papers, inks and glues) are all certified with one or more “Green, Eco, Earth friendly, Food Safe and/or Toy Safe” certificates.

Should any defects be brought to our attention, our clients are always assured of a full replacement.

The hobby of building jigsaw puzzles has many benefits, both socially, educationally and mentally. Prying yourself away from computer screens, mobile devices, even the all-too-popular Netflix bingeing, is a challenging task, but it is essential for our mental health; when building a Jigsaw, it needs your full attention, that is where the benefits can be seen the most.

  • Building a Jigsaw Puzzle exercises both the left and right sides of your brain. The lefthand logical side works hand in hand with the right creative and intuitive side of your brain to match and complete the puzzle.
  • Puzzle building improves your short-term memory, reinforcing the connections between your brain cells and improving your mental speed.
  • Jigsaws improve your visual-spatial reasoning. When you work on piecing a jigsaw together, you need to look at individual pieces and figure out where they will fit into the image. If you do this regularly, you will improve your visual-spatial reasoning which in turn helps with driving a car, packing, using a map, learning and following dance moves and much more.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles reduce your stress levels, thereby reducing anxiety.
  • Make it a Family affair to complete a Jigsaw, reconnecting your family, opening the channel for conversations and discussions.
  • As well as being fun to complete with the family, it is also a wonderful way to spend time alone to recollect your thoughts.
  • Studies show that people who keep their minds active, with activities such as puzzle building, can extend their lives and lessen the chance of developing Alzheimers.
  • Puzzle building improves your mood.
  • Great for kids and adults!
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